Betty Jo Rodriquez

Born Betty Jo Rodriquez on August 1, 1955 in Wichita, KS, 1 of 11 siblings. We called her Jo.

From a very young age she was passionate about listening to music!

She loved a lot of the top forty songs that were played on the rock charts back in the sixties and the seventies, as well as some of the country but mostly the rock.

She spent a lot of time laughing as she grew up and her laughter was very contagious! She loved to hear her brothers and sisters teasing each other and giving each other a hard time. She would speak her mind pretty bluntly and sometimes it got her into trouble. She had the next thing to a photographic memory when she was a lot younger! She could read something, be it in a book or the top 40 list put out by a local radio station, and would list the weekly top 40 rock songs, the artist and the record label of each son; Jo could memorize those in nothing flat! She always loved being around cats and loved it when we would take in strays as we were growing up. When she was younger she loved partying! We used to listen to music all night long, laughing and making memories with her that we cherish to this day! When she was a young girl, she would disappear and sometimes we would find her sitting under the dinner table eating a whole stick of butter out of the butter dish. She could be very opinionated and could argue pretty well at times. Once when she was only five, she started a fire in the kitchen of our home hoping that her favorite newsman on the radio would come out and cover the story, and would you believe it? He came to our house! Jo was crazy about her favorite TV shows and considered Alex Trevec and Geraldo Rivera some if the sexiest men alive! Jo was a blast and a pleasure to know and be around. She is dearly loved by all of of us and she loves her family in her own special way! Jo will be grieved and missed by her friends and family! Jo was 65 years old when she died of natural causes in Independence KS on August 15 of this year where she had been living for many years.

Betty Jo is preceeded in death by her parents, Albert James Rodriquez and Betty Emma (Anderson) Rodriquez; her grandparents Robert Royal and Icia Mae (Lawrence) Intner; Her brothers Paul Wayne Rodriquez and Cecil Rice; Her Uncle Johnny and Aunt Cora Buckholtz, Her Uncle Clarence and Aunt Irene Hollman, Her Uncle Clarence and Aunt Sybil Anderson; and her cousins, Dean Wilson, Hope O’Connor and Victor Harold O’Connor Jr.

She is survived by her brothers: Michael Eugene (Melony) Anderson of Independence, KS, Wesley Jaye, Bobby Lee (LuAnn) and Terry Edward Rodriquez (Janet) of Wichita KS. and

Tommy Leslie Rodriquez of Chanute, KS; her sisters- Mickie Sue, Tammie Marie, and Jakki Louise Wade (Jeff) of Chanute KS. and Toni Mae Ramirez of Pittsburg, KS; and many nieces, nephews and cousins.

Betty Jo

Her laughter that resonated

In our hearts down through the years

Those sweet quirky expressions 

That we grew so accustomed to 

Has but for a season all turned to tears

Leaving us with fifty shades of blue


Rest In Peace dear Sister

From all of your pain and woe

We are glad that you’re in a better place

But so sad that you had to go

And as we think of you, in sweet fond memory 

We  eagerly await a family reunion in eternity!

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