Peck good man with conservative values

I understand letters to the editor during an election year are a part of the process and you don’t control most of what is written. However, in reading some of them, I have been disappointed by the vicious and misleading attacks on Virgil Peck. I’ve known Virgil for many years, and readily admit, he, like all of us, is not perfect, but he is a good man with conservative values.

I am writing to express my thoughts on the State Senate District 15 republican primary race. I admit I will be voting for Virgil because of his conservative, smaller government philosophy. And because his opponent in the republican primary, Dan Goddard, doesn’t hold to those same small government beliefs. 

It was disturbing to learn that Mr. Goddard filed out a candidate survey for the Wichita Eagle newspaper (which can be found online), wherein he advocated for higher taxes on Kansas families. Maybe he thought he could buy favor with the bigger government crowd and that none of us in Montgomery, Labette or Neosho counties would read what he wrote. 

The survey asked: “Do you believe the state’s level of taxation should be more or less than it is now?” Goddard’s answer was “Somewhat more”. The next question asked “What specific spending or tax changes would you push for?” Goddard’s answer was “I favor repealing the tax cuts passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor.” Wow! Goddard could not be more in your face about his intentions to raise taxes on working Kansans. His tax increase idea will raise taxes on the average Kansas family, with a taxable income of $45,000, an additional $487.50 per year, or $1,950 during a four-year senate term. Goddard’s tax increase would also start charging the lowest income workers (over 11,300 persons in Senate District 15) a tax they currently don’t have to pay.

Even though Goddard’s tax increase philosophy is bad, my greatest displeasure with Mr. Goddard’s answers was when he said he favored special treatment for homosexuals and transgender persons. The question asked was: “Do you agree or disagree that the Legislature should pass anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation and gender identity?” Goddard’s answer was: “Agree”. My questions to Mr. Goddard is “what about the rights of the rest of us, you know, the 97% of us who are not gay? Do our rights to exercise our beliefs not matter to you?” 

We all know there are laws to prevent discrimination based on race, religion and gender – which is good. But adding the gay lifestyle as a protected class will have many negative ramifications and open up the door for more lawsuits. 

I urge voters to join me in supporting a solid Republican and life-long Kansan, Virgil Peck.

Carl Garrison


Peck has shown ‘he works for you’

It’s time once again to get out and vote! Now more than ever we need to let our voice be heard. We need to vote for someone who cares about what we need and about what is best for Kansas. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and vote for  Virgil Peck for State Senate. 

Virgil is a life-long Kansas citizen. He has lived in rural Kansas his whole life. He knows what needs to be done to help our farmers and ranchers. He understands the importance of the family farm and how it effects the economy of Kansas. He has also sponsored bills to help lower our property taxes. He will continue to fight for a more efficient budget.  He  has worked  with other legislators to help find a way to work out the school funding problems and increase the education funding for the children in Kansas.

As a father and grandfather he is 100 percent prolife. He will continue to fight for the unborn and will work to keep taxpayer dollars from funding abortions in Kansas. He defends the sacred institution of marriage and will work to keep Kansas a great place to raise a family.

Virgil has worked to defend the Second Amendment. He agrees it is our right to keep and bear arms. He has also work for improved benefits for our veterans. He believes illegal immigrants should not receive taxpayer funded benefits and for drug testing for those who receive food stamps and welfare.

I hope you will join me in voting for Mr. Peck for State Senator. Virgil worked for us while in the House of Representatives and will work for all Kansans while in the Kansas Senate. If you’re still not sure go check out his website ( and read for yourself how he works for you.

Susan Smart


Merrick cares about future of Kansas

In the age of media driven politics, it’s easy to read about people and assume you know them – assume you know what drives them. I’ve read a lot about my friend Speaker Ray Merrick. But I want to share what I know about this man. I’ve served with Ray in the Kansas Legislature for 16 years. He stands firmly for free markets, limited government, and defending “the little guy”. He’s the kind of American some narrow-minded liberals won’t be able to understand. He’s tough, principled, and fights for what he believes. 

There’s another side of the Speaker though. The largest, happiest smile I’ve seen from Ray was when he was with his grandchildren. It’s not uncommon for him to leave a conversation in the statehouse when he sees a group of school children on tour. He loves to lead them to the dais where he lets them take turns sitting in his chair looking out over the House Chamber. Often he gives them challenge coins as mementos of their visit. Ray Merrick cares. He cares deeply about their future and the future of his family. He cares about the future of Kansas. This is the Ray Merrick I know.


Rep. Peggy Mast, 76th District

Speaker Pro Tem, KS House of Representatives

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