This September 8 through the 14 was National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week. Here at Tri-Valley, we are truly blessed to have so many dedicated and talented Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who provide critical services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

What does a DSP do? A DSP ensures that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the necessary supports that enable them to live, work and enjoy life as independently as possible in their community. Tri-Valley has over one hundred DSP’s that are responsible for all aspects of an individual’s life including dressing, bathing, employment, meal preparation, transportation, and community activities to name just a few. We have had quite a few outstanding DSP’s over the years, ones that make a lifelong impact on the people we serve. Some have become mother figures, close friends, while others have become family. They have helped people learn how to read, how to bathe, how to set the table, how to go shopping, how to work at a job, the list is endless.

Since September has been designated as DSP Recognition Month, I would like to take this time to recognize a few DSP’s at Tri-Valley for their dedication and accomplishments. In Chanute residential program, we have Tina Alexander. She has been with Tri-Valley a couple of years now and if an employee could be considered outstanding, it would be Tina. She is very passionate about her job, dedicated to the people she works with and is empathetic to their needs. She loves her job and it shows in the way she treats people, with respect and dignity. 

In Humboldt, we have Rebecca Glukowsky. She is another fantastic employee. Rebecca is known as being an immaculate housekeeper and a cook that sets the bar very high for everyone else. She is willing to help out anywhere she is needed. She is very compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile. In Fort Scott, Terri Kegerries stands out. Terri is probably one of the most positive people you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face, is very passionate about her job, does everything that is asked of her and she has even begun participating in our Leadership Class. She is one of those employees who can be counted on to do their work right the first time.  

In our day service programs, a couple of our employees stand out. In Chanute, we have Lauran Martinez-Corona. She is an employee who is there to assist the people we serve. She is positive, caring and is willing to go the extra mile if asked. She is one of those people that the clients love working with. In Fort Scott, we have Alexis Loden. Even though she has not been with us for very long, we have discovered that she works very well with our clients and her co-workers. She jumps right in and gets what needs done, done. It does not matter if it is working with the clients, cleaning up a mess, or getting a contract work done. She has stated in the past, that she loves her job and does not want to do anything else.   

These are just a few of our remarkable employees and although we cannot name all of them in this column, we want them to understand that Tri-Valley Developmental Services would not be where we are today without our dedicated direct care staff, working every day to ensure the citizens we serve are active within their communities and are provided with the opportunities to achieve the quality of life they seek and deserve. Thank you all!

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