It’s only taxpayer money

Neosho County Commissioners:

Saturdays Tribune reports that our Neosho County commissioners have paid more than $35,000 in legal fees in the past two years to collect a small annual tax assessment. Even if it involved more appealed assessments, like an oil lease and the county loses at every appeal, the county may also need to pay Mr. Barker reasonable attorney fees. Now commissioners say they did not know this was happening even though they have obviously authorized an out of town law firm to pursue this assessed tax payment and over this two-year period many times did sign payment vouchers to pay these bills. Was the Board of Commissioners asleep at the switch? Over about this same time period they did hire their own board attorney at many hundreds (thousands) of dollars additional annual expense when they already had Neosho County Attorney Linus Thuston to advise them. (That’s a whole another story). The commissioners also have alleged that county departments and employees abused county credit cards by several thousand dollars annually. How much taxpayer money has been spent on this? These allegations are still unsubstantiated and yet the problem of credit card use still exists.

Chanute City Commissioners:

The Chanute city commissioners, as meetings are televised, after their self-aggrandizing posturing, want to cut our assessed mil levy two mills and save each of us several dollars annually. They then raise water rates, gas rates and maybe electric rates and don’t forget raising meter fees. (It’s apparently coming.) These new rates/charges combined will cost each of us several hundred more dollars annually  We either pay or go without, no choice of providers. On top of that, city commissioners are considering paying tens of thousands of dollars on a remedy for Mel’s Southside when their own legal counsel emphatically advises them there is no legal obligation to do so. None of the commissioners would use their own money like this. It makes about as much sense as the county throwing away $35,000 for an annual return of fraction of their investment. 

All this while reducing the city budget and services to save money. This still leaves unaddressed problems like finding money to pay for committed funding for infrastructure at the Love’s 35th Street project, the Ash Grove tax payback, also like Plummer Road improvement from 14th Street to 35th Street (maybe the county will volunteer to step in and do this entire project), the aging city infrastructure, and, let’s not forget our need to plan for our future water sources. One commissioner wants us to be a tax free community in 10 years. The only way for this to happen is if he can come up with a “cash cow” for funds. The closest we have come to that lately is fiber to the home. This utility, after a first few years, will generate a lot of unencumbered cash especially if some excess bandwidth is leased to other providers for other services.

It appears the City Commission is into micromanaging the city manager. I haven’t met him and won’t presume to put words in his mouth but it is readily apparent they are making his job very difficult. By providing less budget money than needed and requiring him to make cuts and still try to maintain necessary services shields commissioners from blame. Right?

I am a retired city employee, did serve a full term as a Neosho County Commissioner and am a voter. This is about as positive as I can make it unless I agree with you commissioner’s actions on these issues, which I plainly do not. These are my perceptions of you and your public actions. When I left public life I left things better than I found them. I pray you commissioners will be able to realistically say the same with a clear conscience  I have nothing to gain or lose except to for quality of life here in Chanute, Neosho County, Kansas. 

Vernon Shultz  


What about the original point of memorial?

No matter where you stand on the picture of Jesus that was taken down from the Junior High, I think the real point has been missed. This was a memorial to a boy that died in a class at the school. That picture honored his memory for almost 59 years. By taking it down, the school system is saying his life and death are no longer important. What memorial is being planned to replace the picture?

The school system is wring to try to sweep this child’s life under the rug and forget him.

Bonnie Townsend


Usually something good will follow

I went to Royster Middle School from 1970 to 1973, back then it was called Royster Junior High School and I can remember the painting of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall of the second floor.

I hated to hear that one person or a few could so easily have this painting of Jesus taken down, all because they don’t like what it stands for. I do feel when something like this happens usually something good will follow. One thing that I have noticed is all the attention brought to Jesus, because the school board and the superintendent allowed the painting to be taken down so quickly.

I’m impressed how many people and students came forward to peacefully protest, along with letters to the newspaper and comments on TV news.

I believe this painting is a symbol of love for one another, to treat others as ourselves. Why would you want something that symbolizes good to be taken down?

Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and through His blood has already paid for our sins. To receive Jesus’ gift of salvation He asks us to accept Him as our Lord and Savior. I’ve accepted Him and I pray this event inspires others to do so, too. Remember your choice will be for eternity. If you ask Jesus to forgive your sins it will change your life.

Bruce Brock

Cottonwood Falls

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