Executive orders not appreciated

Cindy, please give us a break about the franchise fiasco, everyone from Chanute to the Antarctic knows by now how you feel.

You brought up some very good questions that should have been asked and answered.

I agree totally, my question is shouldn’t Matt Godinez, the CRDA and Cantrell (city manager) have had those questions answered before they dropped it in the commissioners’ lap?

If not, why?

Yes I was one of those people who took the petition around to be signed. My problem was with the past commissioners’ decisions on projects with finding out what other people (beside their friends of like mind) thought like myself expressed their frustration with government (local or Washington, DC) handing down executive orders and tell us we can’t do anything about it.    

I feel if the people of Chanute had it explained on how much it was needed the outcome may have been totally different.

Enough is enough.

Don Baughn


Plight of average Americans ignored

Last Friday, the US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee announced their blueprint for tax code reform. What they’ve produced is a stew of regressive tax measures aimed at lowering taxes for those currently in the highest brackets at the expense of the average American.

This is important to us as members of Kansas’ 2nd Congressional district both because it would be harmful to many of us, and because our own representative, Lynn Jenkins, serves on the very committee that produced this reform proposal.

Kansans are already familiar with the thinking behind these reforms, because we’ve seen them in action since Sam Brownback took over the Governor’s office in 2011. From day one, Brownback and the Kansas Legislature have sought to implement massive tax cuts for large corporations and the state’s wealthiest individuals, and a movement toward consumption taxes that have a disproportionately negative affect on those living paycheck to paycheck. The result has been budget shortfalls, and the severe underfunding of many vital programs at the state level including shortchanging our children’s schools.

Now, we’re seeing Lynn Jenkins take Sam Brownback’s failed vision and try to implement it at the federal level, where it would have similar effects on the American public. The proposed reforms cut the tax rate for the top bracket, and drastically reduce taxes on investment income, while slashing corporate taxes and shifting the model toward consumption taxes. Jenkins and others in the House will tell you that this stimulates the economy by saving money for “job creators.” 

However, we’ve seen this type of “great experiment” in action in our own state, and we know the reality all too well. These measures result in a lack of funding that cripples vital services provided to the American people. The thinking revealed by these proposed changes is why, according to Gallup polling, a whopping 80% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing. This proposal ignores the plight of average Americans, such as those in the 2nd District, where the median yearly household income for families is under $50,000.

This November, we need to put people before politics, and send a representative to Washington who will fight for our families, finances and future. We’ve seen the results of Jenkins’ approach already in Kansas, and we need to stop this policymaking before it inflicts on our whole nation the damage it has already caused in Kansas.

Britani Potter

Democratic candidate for the 

United States Congress in Kansas’ 2nd District


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