Nightmare portrayed community hospital closed


Recently I awoke from a nightmare. I rarely dream at all, so this was unusual. Before I tell you about my dream, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Bruce Lee. I am a 54-year-old guy who decided in high school that I wanted to be like our family’s doctor. After making that decision, that is exactly what I did! I am somewhat of a hometown boy, so I returned to the area and have been here in Chanute with my family of five for over 25 years. I work at the Ashley Clinic and at Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center with people who really care about the community and the quality of healthcare provided. The decision I made in high school has worked out well for my family and me, and we have enjoyed being here in Chanute.

Now back to my nightmare. I dreamed that our community hospital was closed. Yes, everyone was gone and the doors locked tight.  

As you are likely aware, this issue of hospitals closing is happening throughout the area with Fort Scott, Independence and Oswego having experienced this community tragedy. So what about my nightmare? Is it conceivable that our community of Chanute could be without a healthcare facility to bring our loved ones to in their medical time of need? Well, in a word, yes.

Fortunately, our Chanute hospital has been managed very well by leaders with great vision. But there are many influences at play that put local healthcare services at risk. One of these risks is lack of funding in that our state legislature has not expanded Medicaid. You and I can help by contacting our legislators and expressing our opinions.  

Just last week, I was discussing this issue with a nurse. She has a daughter with an allergy to peanuts. What happens if her daughter has an allergic crisis and needs emergent care and hospitalization? Would she have to be transported to another community?  

If you’re not convinced that keeping our local hospital thriving is an important issue, please read the article in the Chanute Tribune on 28 June entitled “No Mercy: The end of an era for healthcare.” I just wanted to have a conversation with you, food for thought as they say. As a community, let us remember the value of a local, vibrant, strong health care delivery system. 

Dr. Bruce Lee



Cheer local kids on no matter what their activity


I would like to take the time to say “thank you” to the Tribune for addition of the “Meet the Athlete” section that I have been seeing in the newspaper. We have several really great middle and high school kids who are student athletes in the community. They come from all different walks of life and perform at all different levels. The thing I love most about our student athletes in Chanute is that win or lose, I have been witness to watching our kids who participate in sports in the USD 413 school district cheer their teammates on whether it is Cross Country, Volleyball, Football, Track, Basketball, Soccer or Wrestling. I feel that this is truly what sports are all about. The medals and trophies and championships are all great things to chase, but hopefully what most student athletes walk away with when they are done with their time as an athlete, are such things as their growth when it comes to their character, the ability to lift each other up as a team, and the know-how of working together as a team win or lose.

I am a true believer in the importance of athletics for a young person’s life. Student athletes get the opportunity to compete, travel and build relationships with others that will hopefully last a lifetime, Above all, student athletes get the firsthand experience of being taught life lessons while competing in a sport that they love. More often than not, they do not even realize they have been taught these lessons, until a little later on in life. I’ve found in most cases, these are lessons that carry them through life. 

So no matter what your favorite sport or activity might be that our local students participate in, get out there and support and enjoy them! Cheer our kids on and support them! We have some amazing and talented kids in this community, and I for one love getting to know who they are and enjoy very much not just getting the chance to watch them grow as athletes, but as young people as well!


Aimee Thompson




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