I will fight for you


In last Saturday’s “The Chanute Tribune,” a Trump voter asked us to call our senators and implore them to vote against Scott Pruitt for the EPA administrator, and I have done that. I believe Pruitt’s record speaks for itself. When he became the attorney general of Oklahoma in 2010, Oklahoma recorded 11 magnitude 3+ earthquakes. Last year, Oklahoma recorded 623 magnitude 3+ earthquakes, and it was due to fracking and Scott Pruitt’s disregard for the environment. The New York Times named Pruitt “part of a group of Republican attorneys general with ‘an unprecedented, secretive alliance’ with the nation’s largest energy companies.”

The writer of the Letter to the Editor stated, “I voted for Trump, but I certainly did not vote for a government takedown of my state’s most important asset, our water and economy.”

The truth is, though, that whether consciously or not, she did vote for it. Trump never hid his disdain for environmental protection. His opinion about reducing the rules and regulations from the EPA is widely known. EPA regulations are a thorn in the side of rich people who want to get richer, and before the election, Trump said consistently and often that he supported fracking, the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, offshore oil drilling, and the reduction of the power of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our environment means nothing to him. If we don’t stop it, his border wall will negatively affect the Rio Grande river. His executive order to allow the DAPL to proceed will potentially contaminate the water supply of millions. He told everyone he would do everything he could to remove EPA regulations, and he’s doing it.

But I will work for and with those who said that they voted for Trump but didn’t vote for the takedown of our environment.

I will also work for and with those who said that they voted for Trump but didn’t vote for the dismantling of public education for their children and grandchildren.

I will work for and with those who said that they voted for Trump but didn’t vote for actions that would jeopardize the healthcare of our country’s veterans.

And I will work for and with those who said that they voted for Trump but didn’t vote to exclude pre-existing health conditions from their healthcare insurance, or didn’t vote to remove the limit of out-of-pocket expenses for which they would be responsible, or didn’t vote to remove their children from their healthcare before they turned 26 -- all which the Republicans are busy plotting to do right now.

And since I didn’t vote for Trump, I will also work for women’s healthcare, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, increasing the minimum wage, compassion for refugees whose lives have been ravaged by war, transparency of government information, truth (the real facts, not the alternative facts) from our new president, and much more. I will also fight against the normalization of a man who is the most ill-prepared, insolent, childish and dangerous president our nation has ever had.

I hate that I must fight these fights, but I will fight them – for those of us who never wanted this to happen, and for those of you who are now realizing that it’s not going to be a bed of Republican roses for the next four years. I wonder how many people will say, “I voted for Trump, but…” in the next 100 days when he destroys the things that matter to them.

Cindy Morrison


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