Year review of City Commission

Well, it’s been a year since Chanute elected three new city commissioners.

Phil Chaney said he had a plan and an agenda to make the community better. [What plan? What agenda? How is it better?]

Randy Galemore said he would like to see fiber continue to expand to businesses and schools and public institutions, but he felt that it should be limited to this until the public votes to expand it. [What vote?]

Tim Fairchild said, “Development of the internet service should be done in a way that adds long-term value step-by-step to the community, I want all the benefits of technology, but none of the debt. I think we are smart enough to figure this out.” [Since nothing has been done, I guess they weren’t.]

Since the inauguration of our new commissioners, this is what we’ve seen in Chanute:

1) We traded a temporary Franchise fee (rescinded by a vote championed by our three new commissioners) for a permanent utility rate increase.

2) We lost our CRDA director - partially due to intimidation and harassment - to a smaller community to help them with their gigabit fiber-to-the-home installation.

3) We lost our street sweeping budget. Despite our city’s efforts to continue to clean the streets, lack of budget will hinder current repair and operation, and prevent future replacement.

4) We went from being a national front runner for providing fiber technology to our city’s citizens, to a process of begging and paying huge prices to take advantage of a project that is frozen, waiting for someone who’s “smart enough to figure this out.”

All of these men served on the commission before. All of them knew how it worked. I think we should ask them why we are where we are now.

Cindy Morrison


3rd graders appreciate SEK Greenhouse field trip

What an opportunity SEK Greenhouse provided for our Chanute Elementary School 3rd graders this week! Chris, Rosa, and Henry Wehlage opened up their business to about 160 students! 

We participated in a discussion about what plants need to grow that perfectly aligned with our curriculum, toured their greenhouses, tried to guess  several types of herbs, planted our own petunias, enjoyed a snack, and met a few of the other living creatures on the property. 

Our two hours were over before we knew it! We are THANKFUL for this awesome experience and HOPEFUL for many return visits.

Julie Baldwin

Chanute  Elementary 3rd Grade Teachers  

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