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The Chanute Tribune History

The Chanute Tribune began as a 4-column, 4-page publication founded by G.M. Dewey on April 8, 1892. H.P. Hutton was editor. Eight years later, Sept. 6, 1900, Dewey sold it to J.M. Cavaness, who was succeeded by his sons, Herbert and Wilfred, three years later. The sons formed a partnership with Parks Helmick, and on Oct. 31, 1905, they absorbed the Chanute Daily Blade. Four years later the brothers joined A.R. Blakely and Fred Brinkerhoff to form a stock company, The Tribune Publishing Company, which absorbed the Chanute Morning Star.

The stock company’s name disappeared from The Tribune nameplate on April 2, 1921, and four years later Herbert Cavaness officially became editor and publisher. Herbert operated the paper as editor for six years, and then the brothers sold The Tribune to Ralph A. Harris and sons, John P., and Sidney F., July 31, 1927. John P. Harris became editor and publisher.

In October 1927, total paid circulation was 3,530. The paper was published 26 days that month and total page count was 202. Another change occurred Jan. 11, 1932, when the firm became the Chanute Publishing Company. John P. Harris remained editor and manager. Total advertising inches for the year were 169,319.

The next change came to the paper on June 12, 1933, when The Tribune absorbed the Chanute Daily Timesett, published by C.F. Jones. C.W. Moody became editor and publisher when John P. Harris moved to Hutchinson.

Moody was publisher until July 1941, when he transferred to The Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette. C.F. Jones became editor and publisher, and in 1946 he moved The Tribune from quarters at 14 N. Lincoln to 15 S. Highland. Jones retired Oct. 1, 1952, when Fred M. Harris Jr. became publisher and F.W. Johnson editor. Fred Harris resigned Dec. 31, 1952, and Johnson assumed the title of editor and publisher.

In 1960, Johnson, who had served as editor and publisher for eight years, transferred to The Olathe Daily News. Dwight McCreight, classified advertising manager at The Hutchinson News, became publisher of The Tribune. McCreight served as president and publisher until 1973, when he retired and Fred M. Harris was named president. F.M. “Mike” Harris III was named general manager; in 1979 he was named president and publisher.

Tom Bell was editor and publisher from 1990 to 1997, when he was succeeded by Duane Schrag. Schrag left in 2003, at which time Ann Charles, editor and publisher of the Parsons Sun additionally assumed the publisher's position at The Tribune. At that time the press operation was also moved to Parsons. With the paper’s sale in 2008 to Kansas Newspapers L.L.C., Shanna Guiot took over as publisher of the Tribune and business manager for the Tribune and the Sun.

Editors/Publishers of the Tribune

1892 G.M. Dewey; H.P. Hutton, editor

1900 J.M. Davis

1903 Herbert and Wilfred Cavaness; Parks Helmick, partner

1907 Cavaness brothers, Helmick, A.R. Blakely, Fred Brinkerhoff

1921 Herbert Cavaness

1927 Ralph A. Harris, John P. Harris, Sidney F. Harris

1933 C.W. Moody, editor and publisher

1941 C. F. Jones, editor and publisher

1949 Fred M. Harris, publisher, E.W. Johnson, editor

1952 E.W. Johnson, editor and publisher

1960 Dwight McCreight, editor and publisher

1973 Fred M. Harris, president, F.M. (Mike) Harris, general manager

1979 F.M. (Mike) Harris, publisher

1990 Tom Bell, editor and publisher

1997 Duane Schrag, editor and publisher

2003 Ann Charles, publisher

2007 Darren Werth, publisher

2008 Kate Thompson, publisher

2010 Shanna L. Guiot, publisher and business manager


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