Mattilyn Cranor


Mattilyn Cranor is relentlessly trying to help the Chanute Lady Blue Comets win more basketball games while still balancing her everyday life. 

Scoring from the pick-and-roll, underneath and playing the passing lanes for easy layups, she has averaged 6.2 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.8 steals on the year. Cranor has helped Chanute to a 7-1 record before the start of the Bill Hanson Tournament on Thursday.

She has the requisite athleticism to allow her to play the way she does. The junior qualified for state track in discus and javelin in her sophomore year. She also placed in discus. Lettering last year as a basketball player, this is the first year she has started varsity.

“Hopefully our team can win league and go to state,” Cranor said. “My goal is to be the best encourager and have the best energy on the court and for my teammates.”

To boost her morale that enables her to encourage her teammates, Cranor tries to live her life to the fullest. She watches sports movies, and her favorite in that genre is “Miracle” because the movie is about an underdog team that goes to the Olympics and isn’t expected to do well, but the team wins a gold medal anyway.

“I have a similar trait to this movie because in track, my freshman and sophomore year I was a lot younger than most of my competition because I was on varsity,” Cranor said. “But I didn’t let that get to me, and I ended up lettering my freshman year, and went to state and placed my sophomore year.”

Her hobbies include watching Netflix, being involved in school clubs, basketball, track and lifeguarding during the summer. In school, her favorite subject is chemistry because it involves activity in the lab. Cranor said she envisions herself doing this when she is older. 

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