Collins dominates

No. 1 tennis player Lawson Collins.

PAOLA — Chanute tennis placed first in Paola on Monday.

The Blue Comets scored 10 points, while De Soto had nine points for second place, Paola scored three points for third place, and Lansing finished fourth with two points.



In No. 1 singles action, Lawson Collins was 3-0 for first place, defeating Paola 8-1, Lansing 8-1, and De Soto 8-6.

Trey Smoot in No. 2 singles was 2-1 for second place. He defeated Paola 8-2 and Lansing 8-1, but lost to De Soto 8-0.

In No. 1 doubles play, Hayden Newton and Kaidan Frederick were 2-1 for second place, winning over Paola 8-0 and Lansing 8-5. They lost to De Soto 8-5.

In No. 2 doubles, Grayson Burchett and Camden Hugo were 3-0 for first place, as they were victorious over Paola 8-0, Lansing 8-4 and De Soto 8-3.

“I’m happy to see our guys starting to play our best tennis right now as we head into postseason next week,” CHS head coach Jeff Smith said.

“Lawson Collins played outstanding and led the way as our senior leader. We have to keep the momentum going and keep getting better.”

CHS junior varsity tennis wins in Fort Scott

FORT SCOTT – Walker Becknell and Kaleb Becannon led CHS junior varsity tennis to a team victory in Fort Scott on Tuesday.

In No. 1 singles, Becknell was 4-0 for first place. He defeated Independence 6-1, Pittsburg 6-3, Chanute Christian Academy 6-1, and Fort Scott 6-5 (7-2 in tiebreaker).

Becannon in No. 2 singles was 4-0 for first place, defeating Indy 6-5 (7-1 in tiebreaker), Pitt 6-2, CCA 6-2, Indy 6-3.

For No. 1 doubles, Parker Henson and Blaine Smoot were 3-1 for second place, winning over Indy 6-2, CCA 6-3, Fort Scott 6-2, and losing to Pitt 6-1.

In No. 2 doubles, Jaxson Vaughn and Xander Weilert were 3-1 for second place. They defeated Pitt 6-5 (7-4 in tiebreaker), CCA 6-5 (7-2 in tiebreaker), CCA 6-4, and lost to Indy 6-4.

“It was a very successful day. I thought Walker and Kaleb played phenomenal and finished tough opponents during their last matches of the day,” CHS JV coach Jeff Schoenberger said. “Parker and Blaine just keep getting better after joining forces just over a week ago. I was glad to see Jaxson and Xander battle back to win a couple of tiebreakers.”

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