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The Humboldt Cubs were prevented from playing the Cherryvale Chargers on Friday night due to inclement weather canceling school last Friday. These basketball games are rescheduled for Monday, Jan. 27 in Cherryvale.

Although the Humboldt boys team has won four in a row to date – Humboldt won two of three out the gate – Head coach David Taylor said the rescheduling of the game will impact the coming weeks.

“It would’ve been official for both of us to play obviously, but what it sets us up for is we will have three games this upcoming week and then we will have three games the week after,” Taylor said. “Less prep time, but you know kids, they want to play anyway, so we’ll kind of be able to evaluate where we are at. And if we are playing well, then we could have successful weeks. If we are not playing well, it could be long weeks.”

Last week’s Friday was a frigid day that ended up with ice on the ground, which is cause for the district to cancel school.

Ice and cold weather, though, are pretty normal in the Midwest, and Taylor said a little inclement weather will not stop his players from playing well. Still, human nature may take effect.

“I don’t think it will affect our mindset all that much,” Taylor said. “If we have a good tournament week, it may propel us to play better on Monday. The only factor is it could be a fatigue factor having that many games in a two-week timespan. Kids play, you got to play. It’ll be what it’ll be. If we are playing well, we run our stuff, play good defense, it’ll all pan out one way or another.”

Having time off may also assist Humboldt in stringing some games together by physically, emotionally and spiritually resting, which is something needed once the state tournament rolls around.

Time off also could indicate players getting healthy. While the Cubs are relatively healthy in the new year, Humboldt will soon get back a much-needed cog in Taylor Lassman, who injured his leg during the football season. Taylor said Lassman had successful surgery about six weeks ago and will be back relatively soon.

It remains to be seen if Lassman, a 6’1” interior player, will be back in time for the Pleasanton midseason tournament. The Cubs will play this Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in that tournament.

Leading the way for the Cubs (6-2) in this upcoming tournament will be Conor Haviland, who is averaging 17.7 points, 5.9 rebounds and 4.4 steals a game. Second on the team is Isiah Coronado, averaging 11.4 points and 3.4 rebounds. Coronado has also made 10 three-pointers on the year, which overall, comes out to a 28-percent clip.


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