Inbody to become the KJCCC President

NCCC President Brian Inbody will be the next KJCCC President Elect starting July 1. For 2021-2022, Inbody will then become the President.

Neosho County Community College President Dr. Brian Inbody will take on some new roles in the very near future.

During a Kansas Community College Jayhawk Conference president’s quarterly meeting this time last month (hosted by the 21 colleges of KJCCC on Zoom due to COVID-19), Inbody was elected to be the KJCCC President Elect starting July 1 and the KJCCC President for the 2021-22 season.

Inbody was set to take on the role through standard protocol; KJCCC rotates between presidents on the east side and west side of the state. Inbody happened to be the next president on the east.

The 10-year NCCC president is the third-longest-serving president in the state, but Inbody hadn’t yet chosen to take the position. All of the times Inbody was asked to be president, he passed on the opportunity. Finally, following a decade of serving, he said it was a good time to become president, especially with NCCC affected by the coronavirus.

“It’s kind of a big year to do it with so much going on in the state, so many very important decisions that need to be made that I was happy to serve these next three years,” Inbody said.

The process to sitting in the position has several varying parts. It starts with becoming part of the executive committee as the President Elect. The President Elect has several duties, including exercising power on rulings and sanctions, adhering appeals, getting involved in situations off the field or court, and deciding on start times for games, among other tasks. Inbody will be President Elect for a year.

He will then transition to President of the board. The 2020-21 President will be Ken Trzaska, the president of Seward Community College, overseeing KJCCC quarterly meetings and executive committee meetings. The Collinsville, Okla., native will also put together the agenda with Executive Director Carl Heinrich, who is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of KJCCC.

After a year of holding the official title as President, Inbody will serve as Past President. John Masterson, President of Allen CC, will be the 2020-21 KJCCC Past President and assist in transitioning the next President, while still on the KJCCC executive committee. Athletic Director of Colby, Mike Saddler, will be the KJCCC Treasurer next year. Inbody is set to have off the following year.

NCCC Athletic Director Riann Mullis, one of many athletic directors to help Inbody prepare for his future sports roles, said she is confident that Inbody will do well in the KJCCC role, while keeping up with NCCC president responsibilities.

“I am very excited for Dr. Inbody’s new role as KJCCC President Elect and am confident in his leadership and knowledge,” Mullis said.

Inbody and his colleagues will use their knowledge, leadership qualities and steadfast approach to focus on this upcoming year, however. With KJCCC and NJCCC canceling spring sports, Inbody will help assess how the COVID-19 situation will impact junior college sports moving forward. Will fans be allowed to attend games?

NJCCC maintains that those kinds of decisions will be left up to individual conferences because COVID-19 could be more prominent in different regions. Some areas of Kansas are worse than others. NJCCC will give more direction by mid-June.

To get a jumpstart on his position and the COVID-19 pandemic, in the event fans aren’t allowed at games, Inbody has been in discussion about streaming options for spectators.

“How’s it going to affect scheduling? How’s it going to affect conference games versus nonconference games?” Inbody asked. “It’s going to be a lot this next year, dealing with the situation.”

Inbody will not only have to deal with the coronavirus upheaval, but he will need to focus on other issues he would like to tackle.

“I believe that we need to address some issues, specifically the number of out-of-state students in each sport, and so we will probably be looking at that in the years to come...

“I see athletics as a wonderful path to get to higher education. So many of our students would not be in higher ed today if it were not for sports. That keeps them engaged. It gets them motivated and gets them through their degrees. So I have nothing but respect for all of our student-athletes who battle an incredible schedule of being at practices and games, working out, going to class, achieving academically. I want to see a continuation of that on both sides of student-athletes and make sure the students are successful on the field and off. And also I want to see us involved in the community, helping where we can. Neosho has a long history of that.”

Inbody graduated from Oklahoma State with a Bachelor’s degree in radio, television and film, and a Master’s degree in mass communication before attending the University of Arkansas to attain his Doctorate in higher education, teacher and administration. He and his wife, Jennifer, moved to Chanute in 2003 when he became NCCC’s Vice President of Student Learning before being promoted to President in 2010.

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