NCCC baseball bolsters its facilities

Murry and his staff have been busy bolstering facilities.

NCCC’s baseball season might be canceled, but that doesn’t mean strides aren’t being made when it comes to the appearance of the park and training facility.

Head coach Steve Murry, coach Josh Merrill and volunteer coach Ben Smith, among many other helpers, have been busy polishing up the spaces where players play, train and are coached up since the decision of the NJCAA to cancel the season in March.

While NCCC’s baseball program works on a project every year to better the field in general, this year more projects were tackled because of the cancellation of the season. Right now, Murry and others are working on the home plate, the scoreboard, and other field and facility projects.

Along with mowing Hudson Field in untraditional and traditional ways – mowing stripes and laying the grass down a certain way – the junior college baseball group placed new netting above the walls and new signs in the locker room thanks to NCCC athletics maintenance worker Dustin Mitchell, NCCC maintenance worker Danny Madden, Smith and Merrill.

A few weeks ago, Advantage Carpet Care steam-cleaned the carpet in the locker room to make it spotless.

Merrill wiped out all the letters and numbers on the scoreboard in an effort to put on new ones. The former NCCC player used a high speed drill, which was loaned by a local buddy, according to Murry’s Facebook page.

Smith painted the garage door in NCCC’s training facility and NCCC maintenance supervisor Kyle Suefert put up all new material in the training facility.

“Amazing and thankful I work with people who like to get things done,” Murry said. “We all would rather things be normal but until they are, might as well keep progressing.”

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