Josh Merrill

In a Board of Trustees meeting last month, Neosho County Community College approved changes to the role of Panthers’ assistant baseball coach and sports information director Josh Merrill.

Merrill is now a full-time healthcare clinical support instructor and coordinator, but will maintain his other roles as well. He started his new role on Sept. 1.

Merrill, a registered nurse who holds a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and a Master of Science in healthcare administration, already taught courses in the program as an adjunct instructor.

After a vacancy in the position became open and Merrill was asked to fill the void, the former NCCC Academic All-American agreed to oversee the phlebotomy and the medical assistant program, which will be his full-time job. The roles of SID and coaching will be lightened a little, as these roles will be supplemental.

Merrill said it was just a matter of making the contracts work so it didn’t look like he was working 80 hours a week.

“It’s kind of nice. I kind of have a diverse background, so I have nursing education and I worked as a registered nurse, but wanted to coach baseball,” he said. “This opportunity kind of gives me the chance to kind of use all my education and experience. I get to coach baseball, which I felt like I have education and experience in, and I get to work on the medical side, which I have education and experience in, so really it’s my well-rounded background educationally kind of put itself together.”

Merrill graduated from Hesston College’s nursing school in 2017 before working as an RN at Wichita’s Wesley Medical Center in the emergency department. Before coming to Neosho as a coach last year, Merrill was a school nurse for the Bonner Springs school district in the Kansas City area.

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