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CHS' Stark Wright competes in a contest versus Coffeyville on Thursday, Oct. 1 at the Chanute Community Sports Complex. 


Playing without most of members of a team usually results in an unfavorable outcome, and that’s exactly what happened to the Chanute Blue Comets soccer squad versus Field Kindley/Coffeyville High School Thursday night at the Chanute Community Sports Complex.

The Blue Comets dropped their second straight soccer game, losing 7-0. Chanute came close to scoring one goal at the end when junior Kaleb Becannon had a high shot on goal with 2:30 left in the game. But Field Kindley goalie Brandon Decker saved the attempt with a jumping, two-handed save well above his head.

Along with CHS not having the majority of their players, Field Kindley looked more apt to defending its zone when Chanute did its best on the attack. The Golden Tornado also looked more spry and athletic.

“It was rough. Coffeyville is a good team,” CHS head soccer coach Adam Wilcox said. “We’re super beat up right now. (Gregory) Lopez only played about 15 minutes all game. (Jacob) Guernsey didn’t play a single minute. Trey (Smoot) came off in the second half and didn’t play because of a head injury. We put two JV players in because we needed a warm body. We just can’t catch a physical break right now. Rough day and rough stretch right now.”

The rough day started early for Chanute. CHS was down 5-0 in the first half, and by the time the second half rolled around, there just weren’t enough players. Wilcox challenged his team to hold Coffeyville to just one or two goals in the second half, and avoid the 10-0 score.

That is exactly what happened thanks to Noah Vogel, a freshman.

“Noah, he was a warm body when we needed one, and he went in, he won a couple balls, and played a couple balls out to Kaleb when we needed it,” Wilcox said. “It’s kind of that next man after next man after next man up mentality. He’s not quite the next man. We’re 15 down at this point; we’re just down so many bodies. A freshman straight off the JV squad, that’s we’re we are at.”

The focus right now for CHS is to get healthy, as half the varsity team was injured or sick. At least two players are quarantined. To accommodate this, Wilcox said practices will be lighter.

The Blue Comets (3-5-1) will play Columbus Tuesday at 4:30 pm at the Chanute Community Sports Complex.

“We’re always thankful for the support of the parents,” Wilcox said. “I know when you go down really big like that in a half, it’s really hard to stay positive. And our parents still were cheering for us and not against Coffeyville. We just have classy parents. They’re not going to be negative. It’s just nice to know that even when we are not healthy and playing well that there’s not going to be a lot of grumbling and complaining from them. I’m always grateful for our group.”

A similar scenario played out in a game in a 6-0 loss to Winfield Monday. 

Guernsey and Andrea Cuin didn’t play all game. 

“But there were large parts of the game where we didn’t look bad,” Wilcox said. 

“Kaleb had a lot of really good chances on goal. He couldn’t find it. We lost 6-0 so we obviously didn’t play great.”

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