Dads Scrimmage

Blue Comet players, Dads and siblings pose for a team photo before the Dads Scrimmage.              


The annual Chanute High School Dads Scrimmage hosted by the Lady Blue Comets is always filled with endless comedy. 

Take for instance Matt Bogle, the father of former Chanute High School basketball player Shayla Bogle, freshman Tyra Bogle and the uncle of sophomore Kearstyn Bogle, who managed to air-ball two layups in transition and missed four shots in a row in the CHS gym on Saturday – all in front of Blue Comet fans, including players’ mothers watching their husbands. The dads were decked out in shirts indicating who their daughters are, while the daughters were dressed in practice attire.

To be fair, Bogle wasn’t a basketball player; rather, he wrestled in Chanute through middle school in the late 1980s before graduating from Altoona-Midway High School in 1994. So in his defense, it’s been quite some time since he has stepped on the hardwood and a little razzing from fans should be expected.

Bogle, however, still scored in double figures thanks to a series of cherry picking plays. But the air-balling of layups didn’t help matters.

“The ball went nowhere near the rim,” Bogle said as he laughed. “I’m out of shape and old, and my body wanted to do what it was supposed to do, but it didn’t.”

Ninth-year head coach Dustin Fox said he wouldn’t exactly use footage of the scrimmage for his own team, though the moment itself was eventful.

“Just seeing the dads out there and having fun with their daughters and the girls laughing and having a good time is one of the highlights of the year for me,” Fox said. “There is definitely some moments where it’s not something we would teach our girls for sure.”

Still, Bogle did drain a three-pointer – albeit a bank shot – before he and Kevin Schoenhofer (Makayla Schoenhofer’s dad) led the other out-of-shape dads to an avenging win over the Lady Blue Comets, who last year won in the inaugural year of the Dads Scrimmage.

A lighthearted game is what Fox envisioned, but he said there is a bigger purpose to the contest.

“We started it up last year just as a way to kind of look to get the families more involved in our program,” Fox said. “We always talk about family with the girls and how we’re a family, but as I kind of looked at our program, I thought we could do a better job of incorporating the parents in what we were doing. The Dads Scrimmage was one of those ideas, and it ended up being something that was popular with the girls and the dads, and honestly the moms really enjoyed it, too, because they get to sit over there and laugh like us coaches do.”

In all seriousness, though, Fox said involvement with both the moms and dads, along with other family and friends, is paramount as the leaders of the household often provide support for the team, whether it’s being a good parent or mentor, attending the games or whipping up a hot meal for road adventures.

“Without them or without their support, we just can’t be very good,” Fox said. “And so, having the parents understand what we’re doing while we’re doing it and feeling like they’re a part of it is beneficial for everyone.”

Fox said he will continue to try to find new ways to accommodate and engage the families of the Lady Blue Comets. But next year, the third annual Dads Scrimmage is slated once more.


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