The bomb!

Drew Miller belts a solo shot in the bottom of the second inning versus Ottawa JV on Thursday. NCCC would go on to sweep Ottawa and move to 6-2 on the year.


NCCC baseball swept Ottawa University’s junior varsity team Thursday afternoon at Hudson Field.

The Panthers dominated Ottawa 20-0 in Game 1. Connor Jeffers hit three times, while Andrew Brautman, Drew Miller, Khalil Thrasher, Mason Lundgrin, Luke Wolgamott, Chaseton Wylie and Brett Wiemers all had at least two hits. Jeffers, Brautman and Miller all homered.

NCCC racked up 18 hits total. 

On the pitching side, Josh Flack struck out seven batters in five innings in a complete, four-hitter game.

Much of the damage was done in the second and third innings, with the Panthers scoring seven runs each in those innings.

“We actually pitched it, fielded, and hit it well and got a lot of guys in the game, and you can’t fault the effort there. I was happy,” NCCC head coach Steve Murry said. “I’m happy with where we are at, but the consistency of being outside every day is what we are really looking for. And as long as when we are outside, we don’t make huge mistakes, then we will be just fine, so we didn’t make that many mistakes in the game, and the score kind of showed that.”

Jeffers assessed the game.

“They were heavy on the fastball. I mean, he’s not as fast as the pitchers we faced in the past and we really wanted to stay opposite field and adjust when it’s in because when we are pulling off, we’re not going to be as successful. But today we were staying, looking that way and were very successful and the score showed that.”

NCCC won Game 2 by a score of 12-2.

Brautman mustered up three hits, while Chase Curtis and Thrasher had two hits each. The Panthers hit 11 times total.

Cam Blazek struck out six in five innings, and gave up two earned runs and six hits. Wiemers struck out two in one inning.

Up next, NCCC (6-2) will finish the series against Ottawa JV (0-4) at 1 and 3 pm Sunday at Hudson Field.

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