Fans will back in the stands at Neosho County Community College.

On Monday in a Zoom meeting, Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference officials voted for up to 25 percent occupancy at member schools beginning Saturday, Feb. 6. The topic will be revisited March 1, when “the capacity limit may be increased, decreased, or remain steady.”

All fans are to wear masks for both indoor and outdoor activities, and there will not be any concessions.

NCCC will implement an invite-only strategy, ensuring that all student-athletes are allowed a spectator of choice. Student-athletes can put chosen spectators on a list ahead of games or events.

“While we would love to have all of our Panther supporters back in the stands rooting us to victory, because of the conference limitation of 25 percent, we thought it was best to allow the student-athlete to choose who they most want in the stands supporting them,” NCCC Athletic Director Riann Mullis said. “That way, parents, friends and other supporters wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see their student-athlete play due to reduced seating capacity.”

On site, student-athletes, fans, and managers “will be screened upon arrival and are asked to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.” 

Wearing masks and social distancing at all activities are required at NCCC. If these stipulations aren’t followed, people will be asked to leave the premises.

Fans of opposing teams aren’t permitted to attend activities at NCCC during this time, though KJCCC put this decision in the hands of member schools.

In other requirements mandated by KJCCC, “there must be a minimum six-foot area marked off separating the teams and participants from the spectators.” If colleges can have a larger buffer separating fans and the playing domain, they are encouraged to do so.

NCCC’s first event at which fans can return will be on Feb. 9, when Panther wrestling will take on Northwest Kansas Technical College and Barton Community College at 4 and 6 pm.

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