Chanute soccer won its fifth game of the year after a 2-0 victory over Chanute Christian Academy Thursday evening at the Chanute Community Sports Complex.

Senior Andrea Cuin scored a goal at the 19th minute, while junior Kaleb Becannon was able to score in the second half.

Chanute High head soccer coach Adam Wilcox said that even though his team won, he wasn’t impressed by his team’s performance.

“This was not a real great game for us; it was a fairly poor effort from us,” Wilcox said. “We just got lucky that we’re just better – that helps. But it was a pretty overall disappointing game to be honest, especially after we played so well versus Fort Scott and Pittsburg. And I think they were expecting an easy walkthrough. And they did, they walked through. That was the problem. So just got to maybe mentally just pick ourselves back up. And get fired up for the next few games for the end of the season. It was rough to watch.”

Pragmatically, a team would rather win than lose, but in a perfect world, Wilcox would rather play well and win at the same time. After the win over CCA, though, Wilcox left the game with a head-scratcher after comparing the Fort Scott and Pitt games to the performance in the CCA contest.

His goal for the practices leading up to the next game is to figure out if his team is just tired or a little banged up, or if the team just isn’t performing well because of other reasons.

Chanute was relatively healthy, though senior Jacob Guernsey was restricted on minutes because of nagging injuries. Sophomore Gregory Lopez played the entire game, and junior Hayden Newton and junior Grayson Burchett are back to 100 percent. 

CCA, meanwhile, just wanted the game more. Wilcox firmly believes CCA would have blown out the Blue Comets if it weren’t for a talent disparity between the teams. 

Still, since this is the first time Chanute’s varsity has played CCA – junior varsity played CCA earlier this year – it is somewhat expected that at least one program would be highly motivated. This game was scheduled, however, because Independence canceled their sports because of COVID-19. Independence would have been the opponent on Thursday.

Wilcox applauded the matchup, however, and he said he hopes to see it consistently.

“It will be fun to have a little Chanute rivalry going for us,” he said. “And for as hard and well as they played today, it’s not just going to be a give-me game. That’s what you want in rivalries. That would be super fun if they want to keep playing us.”

Chanute (5-7-2, 0-5-1) will focus on Coffeyville (10-1, 5-0) next Thursday, 4:30 pm on the road.

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