Jack Haight hit a hole-in-one on the second hole at the Stone Creek municipal golf course in Chanute on Wednesday.
His most recent hole-in-one was witnessed by both his golf partner Bob Clemens and course employee Dylan Smith. 
When his drive on this hole came off of his club, Haight thought that he had hit the ball too short and Clemens thought the ball was hit too long.
Smith was working on the green of the third hole and saw the ball go in. When Haight and Clemens were looking for where the ball ended up, Smith brought this to their attention and pulled it out of the hole. 
It was the third-ever hole-in-one for Haight, who had previously done this feat on the fifth hole at Safari and during a golf trip to Colorado.
It is also the second hole-in-one hit on the course since the name was officially changed to Stone Creek.

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