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Parker Gabriel and Steven M. Sipple delivers the latest Two-Minute Drill from Memorial Stadium on Monday.

Each week, we're taking a deeper dive with a Husker player for "The Word." Next up is Ben Stile, a defensive tackle from Ashland.

Year: Senior

Position: Defensive tackle

Depth chart: No. 1

Hometown: Ashland

Super-senior year

“Having a (super-senior) year has been a blessing that nobody else has had, right? I just tried to take full advantage of that. Nobody has had this opportunity besides this class."

Next step

“After the season I’ll take a little break for a week or two, and then just get into training and working out (for the NFL)."

Professional schedule

“(Having to only take a few classes after already earning my bachelor and master’s degrees) it has been nice being able to put more time into football, and really recovery and focusing on that. Being able to get into film a little earlier in the week than previous years. We’re here for school, but it obviously takes away a huge amount of time that you can put toward football."

Taking down Sparty

“My favorite win is that Michigan State win that first year with Scott Frost. (Nebraska won 9-6 in Lincoln), Obviously, there were a lot of growing pains we went through that first year for sure, and are still going through. But it was nice just being able to get a quality win against a quality opponent late in the year after we’d been through a ton."

Family always there

“(My family is always waiting for me outside the locker room after home games). That was one of the advantages of going to school 30 minutes from home. It means a lot to them. I know they’re proud of me. Just having their support is always nice. My grandparents being able to see me is a huge thing. They can’t travel to away games — they’re in their 90s. My grandma can still make it to the home games, so that’s a huge bonus. She’s been at just about every one of my home games. She’s 94 (years old). She’ll be there on Friday.”

Word association

Defensive line coach Tony Tuioti: “Caring.”

Husker nose tackle Damion Daniels: “He has a unique way to bring the whole unit together.”

Memorial Stadium: “Nothing that compares to it in any of the stadiums I’ve been in.”

Favorite practice period: “One-on-one pass rush.”

— Brent C. Wagner

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